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"It's 3 AM in the morning and I can not sleep because of the excitement. I think this concept needs a follow up in other communities. [...] My head is spinning; almost cured of purism and intellectual motivations, I want to hear the remaining six stories." - José Manuel Velasco, La Ciudad de Frente

Que bueno!! On 8 locations, in 8 houses, at 8 adoptive parents, the 8 Mexican actors are staying and living at the moment. Monica, Martín, Raúl, Silvia, Anilú, Diego, Raúl, Mayra, Alejandra, Julieta, Patricia, Irene, Ursula, Marina, Noé en Lourdes welcome us this year again! into their neighbourhood.

Because we fell in love with each other. After 'Safari en Tepito' spring 2014, we as well as out theatrical partner Daniel Giménez Cacho wanted to make the full performance as soon as possible. So: 2015 started with going back to the neighbourhood. In Januari Adelheid and Lauren sway through Tepito again to create a new play wich makes the Mexicans heads spin.

As a new compañera de la revolución Perla de la Rosa joins Adelheid Roosen and Daniel Giménez Cacho. In February and March they make hundreds of people co-drivers on the scooter to get in touch with the only international constant: the individual in society, always craving for a recognized place between each other. Hasta la vista in Safari and Tepito!

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3 MARCH TO 27 APRIL 2014
WijkSafari crosses boundaries! During the summer of 2014, Adelheid and Titus taught students and graduates about WijkSafari at the Theatre school of Mexico City. Under the guidance of Daniel Giménez Cacho. They were adopted by the locals of the Tepito community, which led to some beautiful presentations aand asked for a follow up.

In January 2014, Titus returned to Mexico to help shaping the scènes of the performance. A little later, Adelheid jumped on a scooter to put the finishing touches on the project. From March 13 to 22, Safari en Tepito has played within the context of Festival del Centro Histórico. When the Festival ended, WijkSafari kept on playing untill the 27th of April 2014.

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Safari en Tepito on tour


Feb 19 to March 29 I Teatro El Milagro & Adelheid|Female Economy I Tepito (Mexico-City)


March 13 to 22 I as part of Festival del Centro Histórico I Tepito (Mexico-City)
March 23 to Apr 27 I Teatro El Milagro & Female Economy I Tepito (Mexico-City)

Safari en Tepito credits

Concept I Adelheid Roosen 
Actors I Mónica del Carmen, Mauricio Issaac, Raúl Briones, Norma Angélica Rodriguez 
Adoptive parents I Mayra Valenzuela, Verónica Hernández, Lourdes Ruiz, Mónica del Carmen 
Scooter boys I Moi, Pepe, Peri, Felipe, Robin, El Pez, Jorge, Quique, Christopher, Diego, Enrique, Erson, Korvan, Josafat, Aldo, Edgar, Huicho, Sonia, Michell, Freddy, Gino, Pipo 
Scene en adoptie assistentie I Patricia Ortiz, José Martno, Alejandra Glennie, María Goycoolea Artís, Fernanda Pérez, Susana Meléndez, Frida de la Torre, Priscila Arrieta 
Activities on the road I Mauricio González, Julio Bustillo, Stephano Bauta, Oscar Alejandro Villagrán, Aurora Nemegye, Andrés Blanco, Daphne Keller, Héctor Emmanuel Ortega, David Grimaldo, Elena Vargas, Aura Cervantes, Braulio Madrigal, Pipiolo, Rocío Hurtado, Andrés Hurtado en Ringo, María Camargo, Aitza Terán en Arturo Waldo Leal 
Director I Daniel Giménez Cacho, Adelheid Roosen 
Assistant director I Baltimore Beltrán, Lauren Rissik 
Dramaturg I Titus Muizelaar 
Scooter choreography I Marco Antonio Silva 
Production I Sheila Flores 
Assistants production I Fernanda García, Adela Luna, Patricia Ortiz 
Coördination Netherlands - Mexico I Anne-Marth Hogewoning 
Film and photography I Martha Uc, David Alcalá 
Flyer design I Pablo Moya 
Photography flyer I Maya Goded 
Videoregistratie I Julián Hernández, Roberto Fiesco 
Translation I Irene Tello 
Ticket office El Milagro I Diego Camacho, Ramiro Galeana y Rocío Blasio 
As part odf the program of I 30 Festival de la Ciudad de México en el Centro Histórico 
In collaboration with I Female Economy, Zina, Teatro El Milagro, students of Casa del Teatro 
Thanks to I the Dutch Embassy in Mexico, Centro de Estudios Tepiteños, Miguel Galán, Alfonso Hernández, Martín Esparza, Juan Torres, Reina Mateos, Catalina, Padre Abraham Parra, Escuela Nacional de Arte Teatral, Casa del Teatro, family Valenzuela, family Hernández, family Ruíz, familie Camarillo and all inhabitants of Tepito 
Supported with dosh by I Nederlandse Ambassade Mexico, Fonds Podiumkunsten