Female Economy

Iets Zachts about

Désiré, the main character of De Laatkomer, crosses the Styx and drags with her: a tube of toothpaste, for fun. Fall 2014 Adelheid crossed the IJsselmeer and dragged with her: 19 students of the Amsterdam Theatreschool and ritual artist Sebastian Holzhuber. On short mowed grass, they encountered 19 old and wise from the North. Together they spitted at each other memories and translated those encounters in: Something Gentle. This echo of De Laatkomer can be seen in and around the performances in Groningen and Amsterdam.

Mafaalani (NNT) invited Roosen to endeavour her encounter-methods in Groningen for a second time. Four years earlier, they made their first co-production 'Zina neemt de Wijk' (2010) in which the residents of the neighborhoods Oosterparkwijk, Korrewegwijk and de Hoogte where the central figures and adoptes eight of Roosen's actors in their houses. Zina neemt de Wijk was played in De Machinefabriek.

Rosemary, one of the old and wise from the North, said: From 'can you' to 'could you'. Why?
Short mowed grass. To stroll. To flutter. Come, I lay you down.

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Iets Zachts on tour



25 sept 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg I try out
26 sept 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg I try out
27 sept 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg I try out
28 sept 14 I 16:00 u I Stadsschouwburg I première
30 sept 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
01 oct 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
02 oct 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
03 oct 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
11 nov 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
12 nov 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
13 nov 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
14 nov 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg
15 nov 14 I 20:15 u I Stadsschouwburg



27 oct 14 I 20:30 u I Stadsschouwburg 
28 oct 14 I 20:30 u I Stadsschouwburg

Iets Zachts credits

Director & Concept I Adelheid Roosen
Directors assistent I Lauren Rissik
Old and wise from the North I Pieter Jan Bakker, Carly Bierlaagh, Greetje Boogaard, Henny Boogaard, Rud Brenninkmeijer, Jan Dirk Burggraaf, Joop Dagelet, Epke van Elderen, Corrie Heerlien, Martine Horst de Vos, John Jansen, Elly Ludenhoff, Sytsche Mensinga, Aly Mulder, Gerard Nuver, Nelly Scheepstra, Rosemary de Souza, André Vledderman en Henk Welp

Thanks to I the 19 freshmen students of the Amsterdam Theatreschool & Kleinkunstacademie, Merijn de Jong, NNTWEE
Co-production I Noord Nederlands Toneel, Adelheid|Female Economy, Zina