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Geweld Verhalen Karavaan about

'My mother always smelled of bleach. She’d spend hours in the shower every day.'
'My neighbours heard my screams for ten years, but they didn’t do anything – out of fear.'

Geweld Verhalen Karavaan (Violence Stories Caravan) is an audio and video installation about domestic violence. It consists of eleven specially designed telephone boxes with inbuilt screens. The texts and images are based on interviews with men, women, children, bystanders and care professionals about their experiences. The assembled interviews were adapted into monologues that were then recorded by the people concerned. The visitor uses the phone in the installation to make a call, and hears a life story, accompanied by images. The caravan travels on invitation to community centres, conferences, schools, women’s centres, exhibitions and hospitals.

We are using the installation to examine the notion of violence, and to encourage bystanders to take action. Bystanders often feel too indecisive to do anything, but we hope that the installation will help cultivate a collective awareness and get people to understand that they really can do something!


Brings its intimate atmosphere to community centres, schools, institutions and other organisations, where people can listen to the stories and the gatherings are followed by workshops and discussions. The approach used to explore the issue of violence is passed onto participants and supervisors using a train-the-trainer method.
You can book a tailored workshop as a complete program or a part of it to focus attention on violence, emancipation or another social issue. Suitable for the Week Against Violence or International Women’s Day, for example.
We can show all eleven film portraits or, if you think it would better suit the aims and the target group of your meeting or lesson, we can screen a number of videos. 


The mayor of Oldambt, Pieter Smit will become the new Ambassador against domestic violence at November 29. He stands for talking about violence in our homes. [...] From December 2012, the Stories of Violence Caravan will travel along all kinds of places and institutions in the municipality Oldambt. This caravan is an audio video installation with eleven specially designed telephone booths, to tell the story of 44 Groningers who somehow have had to deal with domestic violence.

'[...] the campaign 'New West, Home Best' starts during the national Week Without Violence. A campaign against domestic violence and child abuse, whose main purpose is raising awareness. City district alderman Jesse Bunch (Health and Welfare): "Domestic violence is not normal. Everyone must have this awareness. Residents need to stand up for themselves and others." [...] The Violence Stories Caravan (an audio-video installation) treks along various Community Centers'

"A telephone call like that stays with you – with anyone who cares to listen."

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Geweld Verhalen Karavaan on tour


17 oct - 28 nov 14 I Workshops at Broedplaats De Vlugt I Amsterdam
23 may 14 I Broedplaats De Vlugt I Amsterdam
22 may 14 I Vrouw & Vaart I Amsterdam
12 apr 14 I GGD Drenthe I Assen
27 mar 14 I Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
17 mar 14 I Einhoven centrum
14 mar 14 I Ons Pand I Amsterdam
13 mar 14 I Theater aan de Parade I Den Bosch
12 mar 14 I Theater aan de Parade I Den Bosch
10 mar 14 I Vrouw & Vaart I Amsterdam
07 mar 14 I Huis van de Wijk België I Amsterdam
28 feb 14 I Huis van de Wijk De Aker I Amsterdam
14 feb 14 I Huis van de Wijk Honingraat I Amsterdam
20 jan 14 I Theater aan de Parade I Den Bosch
01 - 31 jan 14 I Workshops in Broedplaats De Vlugt I Amsterdam

08 oct - 20 dec 13 I Workshops in Broedplaats De Vlugt I Amsterdam
29 nov 13 I De Honingraat I Amsterdam
28 nov 13 I Het Kopland I Groningen
28 nov 13 I St. Morgen I Amsterdam
25 nov 13 I Vrouw & Vaart I Amsterdam
24 sep 13 I Productiehuis De Steeg I Groningen
18 sep 13 I Jasmijn I Groningen
12 sep 13 I St. Welzijn & Dienstverlening I Delfzijl
01 jul 13 I ForumImages I Groningen
20 jun 13 I De Boschpoort I Winschoten
27 may 13 I Hanzehogeschool I Groningen
14 may I Hanzehogeschool I Groningen
13 may 13 I Jasmijn I Groningen
16 apr 13 I St. Huiselijk Geweld & Opvang Martinikerk I Groningen
26 mar 13 I Der Aa-kerk I Groningen
14 mar 13 I Treslinghuis I Groningen
08 mar 13 I Openbare Bibliotheek I Groningen
05 mar 13 I Het Kopland I Groningen
14 feb 13 I One Billion Rising I Panama I Amsterdam
14 feb 13 I GGZ Lentis I Winschoten
12 feb 13 I GGZ Lentis I Winschoten
20 jan 13 I Theater aan de Parade I Den Bosch

17 dec 12 I Landelijk Politiecongres I De Reehorst I Ede
30 nov 12 I Matrixx I Amsterdam
30 nov 12 I Multibox I Jan de Louterpad 19 I Amsterdam
29 nov 12 I Huis van de Wijk “De Buurtzaak” I Amsterdam
29 nov 12 Officiële opening Groningen tour CC Tramwerkplaats
28 nov 12 I Officiële opening Amsterdam tour I Het Plein Calvijn
26 nov 12 Voor de taallesgroepen I De Aker I Amsterdam
31 oct 12 I Vereniging Christelijk Onderwijs I De Heerdenstee I Groningen
10 - 13 sep 12 I Studenten Sociale Studies I Hogeschool Leiden
29 jun 12 I Noorderpoortcollege Studenten Zorg & Welzijn I Groningen 
28 jun 12 I Krachtwijken Bijeenkomst I Groningen
27 - 29 jun 12 I Compagnondagen (zieken)huisartsen I Texel
21 jun 12 I Organisatiemiddag
13 jun 12 I Inspiratiemiddag Jonge Moeders I Delfzijn
06 - 08 jun 12 I Compagnondagen (zieken)huisartsen I Texel
05 may 12 I Bevrijdingsfestival
26 apr 12 I Informatiebijeenkomst studenten psychologie
20 apr 12 I AOF huisartsenproject
12 mar 12 I Studievereniging IFMSA
24 jan 12 I Meldcode congres I De Meervaart I Amsterdam

17 dec 11 I WijkMarkt I Broedplaats De Vlugt I Amsterdam
01 dec 11 I Meldcode Huiselijk Geweld congres I De Meervaart I Amsterdam
dec 11 I Bibliotheek Groningen
30 nov 11 I Politie congres I Ede
28 nov 11 I WOMAN Inc. I Pakhuis de Zwijger I Amsterdam
16 - 27 nov 11 I International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
25 aug 11 I première I Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival I Groningen 
24 - 28 aug 11 I Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival I Groningen


+31 (0)20 7761688 I adelheid@femaleeconomy.nl

Geweld Verhalen Karavaan credits

Interviews I Namiye Oral & Kris van der Veen 
Monologues I Nazmiye Oral 
Installation concept & design I Mo Reda 
Director of Photography & Editor I Bart Majoor 
Technical realisation I Arne Boon 
Artistic director Adelheid Roosen
Producers I Female Economy, Zina, Toevluchtsoord, Steunpunt Huiselijk Geweld Groningen


From November 2010 till September 2011,  the women's refuge organisation Federatie Opvang named Adelheid Roosen its first Ambassador for Women's Relief. Roosen describes domestic violence has, 'a tragedy that goes way past my theatre mind. There are other ways of touching each other.' As ambassador, she gave fired off a starting shot for the campaign 'Maak samen een vuist tegen huiselijk geweld' (take a stand together against domestic violence).