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Our Belgian neighbors have chosen the performance as one of the highlights of theater season 2013-2014. A wonderful jury report in our pocket:

"What also makes 'Danton's Dood' into a digestible chunk of community history, is the De Oversteek-performance of Adelheid Roosen. Roosen recruited residents in every (Dutch) city where the play was shown, locals who do not often go to the theater. These residents (including their children and pets) dripped inside during the play, a sleeping mat under the arm, and settled on the stage. They truly embodied the bridge between fiction and reality, French Revolution and our society and between the candlelight lit stage and the audience. Thanks to them, you realize that every theoretical exercise is just about us."

We are PROUD!
Toneelgoep Amsterdam, 7 theaters, the packs ... Congratulations and THANKS!


Two years ago, Adelheid Roosen picked up the phone to call Johan Simons. Her initial wish to have the Dutch city theaters be engulfed by inhabitants of the neighbourhoods had turned into an urge. She had been working in the city suburbs for several years, seducing the prejudiced from midtown to step over the threshold of the city borders, over the treshold of their restraints. And now it was time to take the opposite route. From the suburbs back to the centre. Adelheid wanted to actually open up her 'second home', the theatre as a public building, for people who usually do not easily enter it. With this idea in mind Roosen went to Toneelgroep Amsterdam with the specific question: Can I, together with 100 residents who rarely to never visit a theatre, walk through one of your performances? Because Roosen wanted to access the theatre, that house, when it is in function, when the building is alive. 

In each of the seven cities where Danton's death has been performed, Adelheid gathered a hundred people to settle in the performance. They made the crossing from their neighborhoods to the theater. They didn't play a role. They remained who they are: themselves. They populated the stage as if they were at home and honoured the theaters as if it were a community center. On 6 february the first group of citizens set the Schouwburg Amsterdam. Local people populated seven city centre theaters till 13 april.

Once the play’s words had been spoken, we rolled out our mats onstage and prepared for the night. We shared stories, met, and were lulled into sleep by a story from the theatre’s director. In the morning we awoke to breakfast with the theatre's staff, under the banner of freedom, equality and fraternity – an unforgettable revolutionary experience! 


VOLKSKRANT (****) I 11 FEB 2014 
"The community centre becomes [...] Tahrir Square, Tiananmen Square and the Malieveld [protest square in the Netherlands]. And the asylum seekers’ centre, a deprived area and the refugee camp all come together in an overwhelming grand finale." 

TROUW (****) I 11 FEB 2014 
"It’s as if they are genuinely carrying out a soft counter revolution, unlike those revolutionaries who just talk about it. This intervention – which Simons devised with Adelheid Roosen for her project De Oversteek – truly strikes a chord." 

THEATERKRANT (****) I 10 FEB 2014 
"De Oversteek is Roosen’s gentle but intensely powerful intervention in Dantons dood. It  makes a powerful impression, on the play itself and also on the participants." 

"[Johan Simons’] play with a heavyweight cast including Hans Kesting, Halina Reijn and Gijs Scholten van Aschat would surely have been good, but certainly not as noteworthy, if Adelheid Roosen hadn’t got involved." 

'The City theater. Often a stately building in the city center which is in principle accessible for everyone. Yet there are still many people who have never visited the theater. Because it would be elitist or because they think they have no business there, or because the tickets are too expensive. But how do you get people with these reservations inside?
Therefore Roosen raised herself now as "theatrical agent" as she jokingly calls herself. With the motto "Kingdom-Empire-Community center" she tries to bring two worlds, who are miles apart, closer together with the project 'The Crossing'.
She was put on the path of Johan Simons, a guest director of the company [alliance partner Theatergroep Amsterdam]. "He was generous and said yes immediately. And now hundred residents will setle themselves during the show literally in the decor of Danton's Death. " '

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De Oversteek on tour



06 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg I try out
07 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg I try out
08 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg I try out
09 feb 14 I 16:00 I Stadsschouwburg I première
12 feb 14 I 19:15 I Stadsschouwburg I introduction
12 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
13 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
14 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
14 feb 14 I 00:00 I Q&A with Fred Goessens, Gijs Scholten van Aschat
15 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
16 feb 14 I 16:00 I Stadsschouwburg
18 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
19 feb 14 I 19:15 I Stadsschouwburg I introduction
19 feb 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
25 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
26 mar 14 I 19:15 I Stadsschouwburg I introduction
26 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
27 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg I with surtitles
28 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
28 mar 14 I 00:00 I Q&A with met Bart Slegers, Halina Reijn, Hans Kesting
29 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
09 apr 14 I 19:15 I Stadsschouwburg I introduction
09 apr 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
10 apr 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg I with surtitles
11 apr 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
11 apr 14 I 00:00 I Q&A with met Fred Goessens, Hans Kesting 
12 apr 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg
13 apr 14 I 16:00 I Stadsschouwburg


12 mar 14 I 20:00 I Theater aan de Parade 
13 mar 14 I 20:00 I Theater aan de Parade


14 mar 14 I 20:15 I Rotterdamse Schouwburg
15 mar 14 I 20:15 I Rotterdamse Schouwburg


18 mar 14 I 20:15 I Koninklijke Schouwburg
19 mar 14 I 20:15 I Koninklijke Schouwburg


21 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
22 mar 14 I 20:00 I Stadsschouwburg Utrecht


01 apr 14 I 20:30 I Parktheater
02 apr 14 I 20:30 I Parktheater


04 apr 14 I 20:00 I Theater aan het Vrijthof
05 apr 14 I 20:00 I Theater aan het Vrijthof 

De Oversteek credits

Directing & Concept I Adelheid Roosen
Artistic co-ordinator I Titus Muizelaar, Melih Gençboyaci
Assistent director I Lauren Rissik
Head of research I Elly Ludenhoff
Pack leader Utrecht I Agnes Matthews
Pack leader Eindhoven I Elly Ludenhoff
Pack leader Amsterdam I Myriam Sahraoui
Pack leader Rotterdam I Kim Zonneveld
Pack leader Den Bosch I Annelies van Wieringen
Pack leader Den Haag I Sophia Jonker
Pack leader Maastricht I Elisabeth Canisius
Secondants Pack leader I Marjolein Mol, Frederique van Domburg, Kyra Bououargane, Romy Akkerman, Tamara Hoffman, Margit Odems, Hinke Beekman, Tycho Hellinga, Annemarie Govaart, Myriam van Gogh, Maartje Nieuwint, Noraly Beyer

Core Pack I Shahin Abdalla, Ghassan Jawad, Ferdousi Akhter, Mourad H.E.M., Moniek Eenling, Mimi Carolina, Hélène Schotsborg, Max Perrie, Fatma Dogan-Alaca, Masuda Islamzade, Jasper Jacobs, Dolan Jones, Alexander Holevitch, Ali Kiliç, Joan-Naseh-Setar, Massoud Memar, Leo Westra, Nazira Baban, Hulya Pelensenal, Meikina van Ingen, Najib Cherradi

Head of production I Tim Nieburg
Production supervisor I Marle Brouwer, Joost Splinter, Yke van Dok
Co-ordinator Amsterdam I Marije Hofland
Production trainee I Laura Bechger, Marleen Wortmann
Graphic design I Roddy Mac Mahon
Film I Bart Majoor
Photography I Cigdem Yuksel
Costums I Dymph Boss
Publicity I Fleur Kruis, Annelieke Acda, Krista Wamsteker
Head of Artistic Office FE I Daniella Groenberg
Support FE I Frieda Mulisch, Anouk van den Kommer
Support TA I Johan Simons, Michiel van Schijndel, Olivier Diepenhorst, Sjoerd Appelman, Marlène Kenens

Coproducers I Zina, Adelheid|Female Economy
Co-operator I Toneelgroep Amsterdam
With bucks supported by I Fonds Podiumkunsten, Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting Doen, Skanfonds, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, SNS Reaal Fonds
The project De Oversteek (The Crossing) is powered bij Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie from the regulation Elderly Participation.


The city centre theatres in our 7 cities
Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam Melle Daamen, Dianne Zuidema, René van der Pluijm, Daniel Kieft, Hugo van Hulst

Theater aan de parade Den Bosch I Harry Vermeulen, Wim Dekker, Steven Giezen, Nancy Bodar, Esther van Bilsen

Rotterdamse schouwburg I Ellen Walraven, Walther van den Heuvel, Astrid de Haas, Renee Willeman, Michiel Sipman, Kim Christiaansen

Koninklijke Schouwburg Den Haag I Oscar Wibaut, Elke Smelt, Marijtje Pronk

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht I Lucia Claus, Steven, Peters, Lydia Swerink, Sebastiaan van Haperen

Parktheater Eindhoven I Giel Pastoor, Mons de Goede, Iselle Claassens, Ruud van der Woerd, Marion Reus, Jack van der Schoor

Theater aan het Vrijthof I Hugo Haeghens, Peter Noten, Raf Meijers, Jan Schouten, Catharina Burgman


Directed by I Johan Simons
Robespierre I Gijs Scholten van Aschat
Danton Hans Kesting
Cast I Bart Slegers, Benny Claessens, Dragan Bakema, Halina Reijn
Author I Georg Büchner
Dramaturgy I Koen Tachelet
Translation I Hugo Claus
Sound design I Warre Simons
Scenography & light design I Jan Versweyveld
Video I Lennart Laberenz
Costums I Wojciech Dziedzic
Assistents direction I Nina Spijkers, Olivier Diepenhorst
Head of technique & production I Wolf-Götz Schwörer