Female Economy

Adelheid about

Adelheid Roosen, established 1958.
Born between Teteringen and Ulft.
Like a rose, praised for her flowers,
despised for her thorns.
Sometimes she’s confused and prunes the rose with thorns and all.
She loves the emperor’s clothes,
precisely because they don’t exist.
A confirmed servant, she’s the king’s fool.

The world is her court.

She is an active theatre maker.

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Adelheid on tour


2015 I Bijlmer I In the arms of the local adoption parents and her scooter boys
2015 I Receives the Van Praag Award form the Humanist Association
2014 I Hand in hand with NNT from Groningen to Amsterdam
2014 I Stadsschouwburg I Sleeping on stage with flocks of local folk
2013 I Theater Bellevue I In conversation with Hetty and George
2012 I Receives Prosceniumprize for her oeuvre
2012 I Theater Bellevue I In conversation with Hetty and George
2012 I Amsterdam Medical Centre I Living in interactive installation
2012 I Slotermeer I Adopted by local residents
2011 I Slotermeer I On Suburban Safari with Connect Foundation 
2011 I Buikslotermeer I Letting weeds flourish in the garden
2010 I New-West I Setting Zina's table
2009 I Czaar Peter Punt I Seeing Mum appear
2009 I Receives 2009 AFK Amsterdamprize
2009 I North I Procession through the district old and new
2009 I Zeeburg I Folding birds and drinking tea with the locals
2008 I Lindengracht 93 I AdelheidIFemale Economy
2006 I De Balie I Founding Zina


2015 I Mexico City I 8 adoptions and a new safari en Tepito
2014 I Mexico City I Safari on the back of a scooter through the streets of Tepito


2015 I Wim T. Schippers and Paul Koek make High tide out of Low tide
2014 I On the road in conversation with Hetty and George
2014 I Hand in hand with NNT from Groningen to Amsterdam
2014 I Frail goodbye of a sister on film
2014 I 6 cities I Sleeping on stage with 6 flocks of local folk
2014 I 10 years after the première veiled on tour again
2013 I Utrecht Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis I Living in interactive installation 
2013 I On the road in conversation with Hetty and George
2013 I Utrecht I On Suburban Safari with suburb inhabitants
2011 I Leiden I Making songs ring out in the allotments
2010 - present I Caravanning through the country with stories of violence 
2010 I Groningen I Adopted by Toevluchtsoord women's shelter
2010 - 2011 I To schools with honour crime Workshop
2009 I Through the outskirts with honour crime on-screen
2009 I On the road with Jan Mesdag
2006 I From teahouse to prison I Talking with honour crime experts
2003 I Browsing through own country I Interviewing women with Islamic background
2000 - 2003 I On tour with various plays
2004 I Met Lulu 
1996 I Together with Karin Bloemen
1985 - 1997 I On the road to a Gouden Kalf award
1984 - 1993 I Day and night on telly


2014 I Amman I Bonding Arabic creatives in the heat of the Wadi Rum dessert
2008 I Amman I Temporarily settled with Is.Man
2005 I Amman I Temporarily settled with Veiled Monologues


2014 I Gets adoption method adopted by students of Bard College
2007 I Trekking with Veiled Monologues & Is.Man
2006 I Reading at kitchen tables


2014 I Frail goodbye of a sister on film


2011 I Paris I Veiled final direction


2010 - 2011 I Damascus I Met the Other


2008 I Brussels I Veiled final direction


2006 I Berlin I Veiled at Diyalog Fest


2005 I Caïro I Listening to the women in the shelter


2008 I With Nazmiye Oral translating Is.Man into Turkish
2005 I Ankara I With Nazmiye Oral translating monologues into Turkish


1995 Visiting Womens Conference


1994 I A nomad travelling the continent

Adelheid credits

Father I
Theodorus Roosen

Henriëtte Roosen

Sister I 
Marie-Colette Roosen